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Using the National Archives

Rules, Regulations and Etiquette

When using the National Archives, the following must be noted and adhered to:
Computers and recording devices can be used to take notes.
Materials must be handled with care; they must not be leaned on, written on, folded or otherwise handled in any way likely to damage them.
Strictly no eating or drinking is allowed in the National Archives
Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the National Archives Building.
The collections are shelved in closed stacks. A staff member will bring the materials to you. Remain in the Reading Room area.
All materials must be used within the Reading Room. If photocopies need to be made, ask a staff member for assistance. Xerographic copies of bound volumes, manuscripts, print photographs or very fragile documents will not be permitted.
Examine one box, one folder or one bound volume of document at a time. Do not mix the order of the folders or the documents within. If you find a discrepancy, notify a staff member. Do not rearrange the items yourself.
If material is old and brittle have a staff member assist you with your research.
Documents must be kept flat on the desk at all times
When you are finished using materials or are ready to leave, return folders to their appropriate boxes and either leave the materials at the table or give them to a staff member. Please inform them that you are leaving the archives.
Word of Advice: Planning your Research

It is beneficial that the researcher knows the most about his subject of enquiry. Key information such as names, places, dates and events can serve as appropriate leads in archival collections.

With this background, you can enter an archive with specific questions and details that will help the archivist find the records and allow for you to commence research without the lost of time


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