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The Guyana Immigration Records Digitization Project

Guyanese are a vibrant, enterprising, openhearted and hospitable people with a deep connection the culture, religion and the values of the countries from which they migrated. Our ancestors came to Guyana with the expectation of creating a better way of life for their families and themselves, than they had in their native countries. They braved the long and dangerous sea journey to get to Guyana. Many of them died in route.
On arrival in Guyana, they were assigned to different sugar plantations based on the selection of the recruiting agency. It did not take them long to realise the conditions of the service that they were exposed to by their employers were deplorable and bore no resemblance to what was promised to them by the recruiting agency. Most decided to remain and struggle under slave-like conditions. Others could not bear it and returned to the country from which they migrated. Those who remained in Guyana became a closely knit family, irrespective of the race, cast or religious persuasions.
They worked hard, saved what little they could from their meager earnings for darker days, and made sure that their descendants had access to higher education, which they were not fortunate to get. Today off springs of immigrants own major businesses in Guyana and excel in the professional fields. Descendants of Guyanese immigrants today hold key positions in most of the progressive countries in the world.
It is a natural predisposition and yearning to have an emotional connection, feeling and belonging, to our ancestral past. As Guyanese, we are regularly faced with lingering questions and thoughts about our heritage. Such questions as:
1)Who are my grand and great grand parents?
2)What are their Names, age, date of birth?
3)What part of the world (Country, Town, Village) he/she originated from?
4)Who accompanied him/her? Their relationships, their respective ages?
5)Date of arrival in Guyana?
6)What was the name of the ship they arrived on?
7)From what source(s) can this information be accessed?
Recognizing the historic and significant nation building impact that our ancestors have made in creating and shaping our unique Guyanese Culture, the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport Dr. Frank Anthony and the Directors of the Dr. Walter Rodney National Archives, where the immigration records are kept, have approved and launched a phased Digitalization Project.
On the completion of the Digitization project, interested individuals will be able to do on-line search any where in the world via the internet for their ancestors’ personal landing data and origination , based on the captured digitized information data base created from the existing National Archives Records.

The first phase is to begin on May 5th 2013 to co-inside with the 175th anniversary of the first arrival of Indians in Guyana.


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