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News Paper Name
Sr.No.News Paper NameYearMonthDateDayOtherView
1Amar Jyoti1970August   
2Amar Jyoti1971October   
3Clarion1966March14MondayVol.1 No.21
4Gandhi News1970December  Vol. VIII No. 9
5Indian Opinion1946March9Saturday 
6Voice of Islam1968September  Vol.1 No. 12
7Guyana Graphics1967October27Friday 
8Sunday Times1957April14Sunday 
10Sunday Times1957May24Sunday 
11Amar Jyoti1970June   
12Indian Opinion1945December15Saturday 
13Indian Opinion1946April20Saturday 
14Gandhi News1970October  Vol. VIII No. 8
16Guyana Graphics1967October10Tuesday 
17Amar Jyoti1969April and May   
18Indian Opinion1946August24Saturday 
19Guiana Graphics1967November1Wednesday 
20Sunday Times1957May5Sunday 
21Voice of Islam1968May and June  Vol.1 No. 9
22Indian Opinion1946May11Saturday 
23Sunday Times1957July14Sunday 
24Sunday Times1957June30Sunday 
25Amar Jyoti1972March   
26Guyana Observer1968August  Vol.2 No. 10
27Gandhi News1970June  Vol. V No. 5
28Indian Opinion1946July27Saturday 
29Guyana Graphics1967October23Monday 

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